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TGMatrix. Game. Set. Matched

Sophisticated investors and armchair entrepreneurs alike have committed to TGMatrix’s digital freight matching service. DHL, the world’s largest logistics company, is Beta testing the TGMatrix platform as we prepare for launch within the UK and Continental Europe later this year. The UK government and global heavyweights in grocery, personal care, transport, shipping, pharmacy, retail and…

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Joining the TGMatrix Community

Why would I want to be part of the Matrix? The TGMatrix community is a warm, inviting place where like-minded companies can work together for the mutual benefit of: Shippers Carriers The general public TGMatrix has no alliance to any individual or group of shippers or carriers, but acts as the interlocutor, simply bringing shippers…

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Welcome to TGMatrix

Revolution comes to Transport Town. Want to change the world? You’re paying too much for your freight transport. How do I know it? How can I be so assumptive? So bold? Because I know what’s coming next for the transport industry. A change long overdue. The transport revolution that gives consumers personal transport options on-demand…

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