Meet TGMatrix at Multimodal 2016



TGMatrix intelligent matching for the digital age

This year the UK, next year Europe. No, we’re not talking Brexit, but we are talking about another highly – but positively – disruptive market opportunity that will emerge in 2016. If you’re a shipper or a carrier with an interest in profit, efficiency and the environment then drop by and see us on Stand 350.

TGMatrix reduces congestion and emissions by automatically matching shipper demand to carrier supply with a software-as-a-service offering that has been put through its paces by government and business alike. We will launch with the commitment of the global leader in logistics and other major players in the UK this year, and in Europe in 2017.

We are the first in Europe with this breakthrough technology and we will likely be the leading global provider of digitally matched freight services across the world within five years. We will break the barrier on margins, slash shipping costs, slow emissions, ease congestion and streamline compliance.

TGMatrix is a community of subscribers who collectively benefit from load matching, automated back office functions, competitive rates and freight revenues.

Multimodal presents the perfect opportunity to start a conversation and we look forward to welcoming you to our stand.

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