Intelligent matching, smart phones, profit, efficiency and information

Intelligent matching, smart phones, profit, efficiency and information

A recent report from Manufacturing & Logistics IT took a look at emerging technologies that will change outcomes for a transport management industry that is worth €300+ billion in Europe.

Backed by both government and industry, TGMatrix leads the digital revolution in multimodal freight matching that will deliver the industry a cleaner, more efficient and more profitable future.

With road freight and ports at capacity, a high emissions record and an estimated 750K empty trucks traversing Europe’s highways every quarter, the industry is ready for disruption.

‘We’re targeting empty trucks and modal shift’

In the Manufacturing & Logistics IT report Jamie Muir, Project Director at TU-Automotive, cites TGMatrix as a challenger to the status quo. He sees ‘connectivity and all its subsets, namely autonomy and mobility, set to dramatically alter the fleet and logistics sector.’

Brian Bolam, Founder of TGMatrix, whose freight matching engine balances supply with demand (freight with assets) in the intermodal marketplace, describes the company as targeting ‘empty trucks and modal shift from road to rail, short sea, coastal and inland waterways.’

TGMatrix will bring dramatic transformation

With some of the biggest shippers and carriers in the industry going live at the UK launch in July this year (Continental Europe will follow later in 2016), the TGMatrix model brings dramatic transformation to the industry’s doorstep.

Muir sees the potential of this model as vast, with the cost and emission implications being dramatic with estimates of a 15 per cent cost reduction from shippers, 200 per cent margin improvement for carriers and a 25 per cent reduction in C02 emissions.

A highly automated cloud-based solution

TGMatrix uses multi-agent technology powered by GPU processors. Connectivity is via EDI to ERP/TMS/WMS, GPS to equipped trucks, and GSM triangulation for track and trace using the company’s smartphone app, which is free to download.

In 2017 TGMatrix is planning to add functionality that will allow subscribers to file a route plan – like a flight plan – with the ability to re-route on the fly based on real-time weather, traffic and road conditions. There will also be opportunity to mine Big Data to balance traffic flows across the built environment.

Click here to read the full report and here to learn more about TGMatrix at Multimodal 2016.

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