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Press Release: Come Visit Us At Multi-Modal 2018!

In partnership with the Logistics Leaders Network, TGMatrix is happy to announce that we will be attending Multi-Modal on Wednesday 2 May 2018. If you would like to set up a dedicated meeting time, please contact, or find us on Stand 7072 to say hello! Hope to see you there. To get the latest updates, please…

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How Can The Transport Industry Overcome Brexit Challenges?

Much attention has been paid to the impact of new tariffs and duties on UK-EU freight post Brexit, but these are not the only issues. The European Commission has pointed out that without a deal, a range of UK-issued documents will no longer be recognised in the EU. These include Certificates of Professional Competence for drivers / transport managers, UK driving licenses and UK-issued Community licenses for hauliers.

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The Intelligent Route To Improve Transport Productivity

Can intelligent freight matching help boost UK productivity? If we measured it as GDP per hour worked, the UK’s productivity has pretty much flat-lined since 2008, and although recent figures suggest some improvement, we still lag well behind countries such as Germany and France. Many reasons are suggested, and few solutions have been proposed. But…

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News Update: Smart-Dac have elected not to advertise via Google

Smart-Dac, TGMatrix’s partner for the IVO, who are building the blockchain platform to trade SM@RTZ tokens have elected not to advertise via Google but rather through ‘SM@RT Millennials’ & TV shows. To learn more about our IVO, please read our latest blog, visit our Investors page and Follow us on social Media to get the latest…

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Future Supply Chain Manager (only Millennials need apply)

The supply chain industry (particularly the freight transport sector) has, I think it is fair to say, been slow to adopt technology.  The tangible cost is a lack of increased efficiency (lower costs, emissions and congestion) and a greater dependency on ever scarcer resources (paper, good people, etc.).

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INFOGRAPHIC – 9 Steps To Getting Your First 100 Matches FREE!

Joining the revolutionary TGMatrix community may be easier than you think! Download our infographic to learn more.     We hope you enjoyed this blog and would love to hear your thoughts and comments on the subject.  In the meantime, please follow us on Social Media, to be sure to get the latest updates.    …

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