TGMatrix is proud to be a founding member of the ‘SM@RT-BARBADOS™’ initiative to develop Barbados as the transportation hub for the Caribbean – and #BuildBarbadosBack

TGMatrix (TGM) is proud to be a founding member of ‘SM@RT BARBADOS™’ the new strategic, technology-driven initiative launched by SM@RT Inc, a US blockchain-based company, and designed to help drive the economic recovery of Barbados after a decade of economic decline.

The initiative’s key objective is to establish Barbados as the regional ocean freight hub for the Caribbean, effectively to become the ‘Singapore’ of the Caribbean, based upon eco-designed, sustainable funding and economic development, to #BuildBarbadosBack!

TGM’s fully automated freight matching technology, including blockchain financial settlement, will help to transform the Island’s domestic logistics through a combination of distribution consolidation centres and last mile deliveries using electric vehicles. Extending delivery hours to 24 per day using quiet electric trucks and ultra-quiet roll cages would also reduce peak time freight movements by circa 50%, transforming mobility across the Island.

For Barbados’, with a small land mass and current growth trend of over a 1,000 vehicles per year, the situation is already unsustainable. Congestion is a daily issue. TGMatrix and ‘SM@RT-BARBADOS™’ intend to change that.

“The whole world suffers from inexcusable asset under-utilisation. Empty capacity of road vehicles, in particular, ranges from 25% in Europe to 28% in US and, from anecdotal evidence only, somewhere near 35% in Asia. Freight transport vehicles account for only 4% of total road traffic but create 25% of the pollution,” said Brian Bolam, Founder & CEO of TGMatrix.

“Our vision at TGM is of a world where freight transportation is a sustainable part of an integrated end-to-end process, where ‘we’, as individual companies, work together towards a common goal of making the world a better place. Barbados is an important part of that vision,” added Bolam.

Robin Belle, architect of the ‘SM@RT-BARBADOS™’ initiative, Founder and CEO of SM@RT Inc and citizen of Barbados stated that: “It takes a highly strategic and creative approach, to dramatically transform a country’s economic performance and international standing in the short to medium term. It requires major buy-in and coordinated action by multiple stakeholder groups locally and internationally.” 

Play a part in financially supporting the SM@RT BARBADOS™ initiative to help to #BuildBarbadosBack.  The target is to attract a minimum of US$1 billion in foreign direct investment for Barbadian development projects over the next ten years.

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