Our Vision

Our vision is a world where freight transportation is a sustainable part of an integrated end-to-end process, and where ‘we’ as individual companies work together towards a common goal, of making the world a better place.

TGMatrix a revolutionary solution for the digital age

We have designed a highly automated algorithmic, digital solution that works without the need for manual intervention and connects the parties through the matching engine. The engine optimises the match to give the carrier the best rates and the shippers the lowest cost, without further human decision-making and with no bias towards any industry player.

Our model represents a win for shippers, carriers and the environment



Up to 30% of all haulage vehicles on UK roads are empty.

Source: imeche.org


Overall truck utilisation as low as 60%

Source: fta.co.uk


Congestion costs the UK economy £13bn per year. 1% of GDP.

Source: imeche.org


150 Million miles are driven unnecessarily by lorry drivers. 

Source: imeche.org


Multi-modal - 200,000 additional truck journeys moving goods across land (UK)

Source: imeche.org


Road freight represents 3% of vehicles yet 29% total road emissions.

Source: ec.europa.eu

When shippers and carriers join our network, our solution enables them to directly participate in an initiative to reduce CO2E by 500K tons per year, and reduce congestion by utilising Modal shift opportunities whenever possible.

We believe our objective matching platform will transform how our industry operates

We’ve put in place the stepping stones to enable a future where Big Data, IOT, delivery drones and autonomous trucks can thrive. We know that Automation will be the key to achieving this, and we have designed a bespoke solution, which aside from the cost savings, could ultimately facilitate these transformations in a critical way.

Transforming how our industry operates

“Empty capacity is the reason shippers pay too much, and carriers can’t make a lot more money. Significant inefficiency exists in the industry due to lack of interconnectivity and visibility - we are tackling both these issues,”

Brian Bolam

Managing Director, TGMatrix