The next era in freight transportation

Our digital transportation capabilities will expand our growth rate, improve our margins and create value for TGMatrix investors.



Investment Overview


We are currently seeking to raise £1.25M and we propose to do this in tranches of ~£450K, £450K and £350K over the next 18 months. 

We have identified, and established a relationship with a crowdfunding platform generally recognised as the Global leader. This type of fundraising is based on the Investee Company (us) raising a minimum of 50% of the funds sought from its own networks in the first instance. To further assist us in that endeavour we have signed up to work with one of their partners, who work closely with the investment platform, and have a 90% success rate in securing targeted funding.

This partner provides support and coaching by experts in a 12-week programme. They have vast experience of producing compelling pitches and support documentation targeted at a wide audience ahead of our “go live” on the investment platform. Whilst both services cost money they are strictly on the basis that payment is on success.

The key message here is that we need to mobilise our networks to meet the first level of investment.

TGMatrix invites you to register your interest in this investment round, seeking to raise £450,000. This offer is open to existing and new investors alike.

Please register your interest here as soon as possible.


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For further details, please contact Brian Bolam (Managing Director), email or call +44 330 223 2211.

A Collaborative Consortium Approach to Fund Raising

The IVO (Initial Value Offfering) initially planned for Spring 2018 has been postponed following the intervention of the Chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). He has declared that all ICO’s (and versions thereof such as our planned IVO), will need to seek SEC approval and/or exemption. The company leading the IVO has applied for both and they are in the pipeline for review by the SEC.

TGMatrix, along with 36 other established businesses from all quarters of the world, is participating in this IVO. It is now planned to go live in April 2019 and will remain open for 40 weeks with investments being channelled to participating companies as they are received

The funds from the IVO will allow TGM to expedite our Global roll-out plans dramatically, further driving value into the business.

More information will be posted as it is known.


Stakeholders and Users

Initial stakeholders and committed users, are some of the UK’s largest shippers and carriers.

TGMatrix is uniquely focused on Intermodal (Road, Rail, Short Sea and Coastal Shipping) and initially – full truck/container/swap body, freight – representing by far the largest percentage of freight spend.

The Business Model

The business proposition is based on a subscription model with an all-inclusive service proposition comprising:

  • Connectivity
  • Matching
  • Visibility
  • Billing
  • Claims management
  • Reporting


TGMatrix is building a highly scalable European business that matches supply chain logistics’ demand and supply in near real time-bringing it into the Internet age & in so doing:

  • Reduces current wasted capacity
  • Reduces shipper costs
  • Increases carrier margins
  • Drives modal shift
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Reduces congestion

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