Finding the best carriers and reducing costs

TGMatrix helps match shippers to a large, compliant network of carriers. Our automated platform reduces paperwork, gives real time status updates and allows you to manage everything from one place.

The next-generation of freight optimisation

TGMatrix is an automated transport matching platform that brings together a community of shippers and carriers


How TGMatrix works for shippers


Set up your own general framework of requirements for carriers

Specify if you have specific partner preferences, and what you want the engine to prioritise when creating your carrier matches, such as lower prices, speed of delivery, carbon footprint, etc.


You send in your transport request

You can do this automatically via TMS, ERP, XLS or Web Portal. For each load, you can specify pick up time, locations, delivery time, price and special requirements. You also set your timeframe for finding a match.


Matches are made

The TGMatrix matching engine searches through thousands of variables in seconds to calculate a suggested itinerary and find the best possible carrier offer for you.


Contracts are sent

Once a full match has been found, an electronic contract is sent to both parties.


Get end to end visibility

Real time status updates provided by the Matrix smartphone app or carrier are forwarded immediately on receipt including POD data where applicable.

Find out how you can join our network of shippers

Find more Carriers, when you need them.

Integrate directly with your own TMS

Reduce paperwork and improve efficiency

Get real time status updates

Track your shipments, measure performance and compare pricing

Contribute to a reduction in carbon emissions by some 350,000 tons p.a.

Increasing user productivity and efficiency

Instant access to a larger network of compliant carriers

Get the perfect match with the right carrier for your load every time

Manage preferred Carriers

Automatically measure performance, pricing, sustainability and compliance

15% reduction in transport costs

Improve your bottom line

What our industry leaders are saying

“The only way we will be in business in the next 40 years is if we do things differently to ensure that the planet is healthy and all people in our extended supply chains have the opportunity to thrive. 

We must work together, because the engine of global business – its supply chain – is broken, and requires transformational, cross-industry collaboration to fix it.

Although we as an industry are staring to make good progress on our own operations, we haven’t yet made enough progress in the boarder supply chain. While efforts have been well-intentioned, the current level of progress is nowhere near enough and the scale of intervention needs to be much bolder!”

Grant F. Reid
CEO, Mars

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