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What Is The Difference Between Digitisation and Digitalisation?

Academics love to quibble over definitions, but the two-letter difference between ‘digitisation’ and ‘digitalisation’ does have profound, real- world, significance. The currently accepted distinction comes from market researcher Gartner. It says that Digitisation “takes an analogue process and changes it to a digital form without changes to the process itself”. But Digitalisation “is the use of…

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Future Supply Chain Manager (only Millennials need apply)

The supply chain industry (particularly the freight transport sector) has, I think it is fair to say, been slow to adopt technology.  The tangible cost is a lack of increased efficiency (lower costs, emissions and congestion) and a greater dependency on ever scarcer resources (paper, good people, etc.).

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The Value of Modern Investment

Unlike a traditional ICO or Initial Coin Offering however, the IVO comes in two distinct parts. Firstly, investors will receive a voucher assigned to services offered by a business within the consortium. Secondly, crypto asset tokens (i.e. a non-FIAT currency) of equivalent value to their investment will be issued against the vouchers which can then be traded within the confines of the proprietary market.

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Machine to machine matching image

The Internet of Everything

Key to the exploitation of these developments lie in Machine-to-Machine (M2M) systems. Large amounts of data are collected by machines and transmitted to others to be analysed. The results are then sent to yet other machines for execution.

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Digital Freight Matching

Successful Freight Match Takes Intelligence

The load board process is long-winded, labour-intensive, costly and slow, yet still does not guarantee finding the best possible match. What is needed is an intelligent, digital system designed for the digital freight world – not just a better load board.

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Digitalisation – Kiss, Marry, Avoid?

The supply chain and transport industry have long since been the backbone of any business, and in recent years have become more strategic than ever. But the more reports and studies we read, the clearer it becomes… Digitalisation is coming, but far too many of us are still trapped in the ‘traditional way’ of doing…

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Conquering Monsters – Digital Technologies in Transport

WHAT IS YOUR MONSTER? When I was a young boy, I was afraid of monsters. They were dark and scary and unknown. As I grew up, I learned to embrace my fears because they challenged me to improve myself and helped develop new perspectives. Today, if you were to ask anyone what AI is, you…

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Digital Freight Management – Are you ready to UBER up?

“Every year in the U.S alone, trucks drive enough ‘empty miles’ to reach Mars 350 times’’. In the UK, this equates to Road congestion costing 1% of GDP. ‘’It’s a colossal waste of time and money that hurts shippers, drivers, and the environment” – Drew McElroy, cofounder and CEO of Transfix WHAT IS FREIGHT MANAGEMENT…

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Intelligent matching, smart phones, profit, efficiency and information

Intelligent matching, smart phones, profit, efficiency and information A recent report from Manufacturing & Logistics IT took a look at emerging technologies that will change outcomes for a transport management industry that is worth €300+ billion in Europe. Backed by both government and industry, TGMatrix leads the digital revolution in multimodal freight matching that will…

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